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Friday, December 26, 2014

As you have probably already guessed I love vintage photos, postcards, ephemera, etc.  Some of my newest vintage photos are of cute kids with pedal cars.  I never had a pedal car.  I think they were still around during the early part of my childhood, but for some reason I never had one.  I did have a pretty red trike, though!  Maybe that's why I loved collecting hot wheels.  Any way, I like to add color to these and other little found things like lettering, ribbon, and ephemera
to make collages.  I am making a trio of them.  Here is the first.  This one reminds me of my dad.  When he was a teen he had a flat top and one time bleached his brown hair blonde.  Plus, I think he would have liked this car!
Have you ever had something that even in pieces was important to you to keep as a momento?  Last Christmas my cat knocked over my Christmas tree.  This is the one that has all my precious vintage Shiny Brite ornaments and some other prize finds.  The one ornament that broke was one of my favorites.  It wasn't a Shiny Brite, but a cute log cabin with glittery snow and a mini bottle brush wreath.  So this year I decided to make a shadow box with it along with one of my vintage Christmas postcards, vintage flannel, ribbon, recycled tag and found letters.  Turns out the shadow box was not quite deep enough even though it was the deepest one I could find and in my trying to force the issue I totally broke the ornament!  Memo:  Don't work on art when you are feeling frustrated!  So now I needed to find a replacement for the treasured ornament because I would not be thwarted on my quest by this little problem.  LOL  I had a similar ornament that was plastic (a result of the cat incident!).  With some paint, glitter and adding the little wreath that I salvaged I now had a pretty good version of the original.  Here are
the results.  By the way, no trees were lost in the season this year! Yeah!!